Senior Dog Care

Caring For Your Senior Dog


As part of our educational mission, Grey Muzzle works to help people provide the best possible care for their senior dog so guardians are better prepared to keep their aging companions in the home.  

The article Caring for Your Senior Dog was developed in collaboration with a leading veterinarian in geriatric medicine, a clinical nutritionist, and other experts in senior dog care. Full of practical advice and information, Caring for Your Senior Dog is a great guide for people who have an aging dog, and it includes plenty of tips for those who have just adopted an old dog (thank you!). A few of the topics covered include:  

  • Feeding and weight management
  • What to ask for in a routine check-up
  • Arthritis
  • Exercise for mind and body
  • Other useful tips

This article is free; click the link below to view the article and save it in PDF format. If you have problems with the PDF file, email us and we'll send you a copy. Please send feedback and requests to

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