Helping Your Dog Cross the Bridge

Helping Your Dog Cross the Bridge
End-of-life.  None of us want to think about it until we are forced to.  However, this is a natural and normal part of all our lives.  Below are some resources to guide you through the process. 

Please also see our:
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Additional resources:

"What is Hospice Care for Pets?"  by Drs. Jessica Vogelsang and Elizabeth Benson, DVM of Paws into Grace, Grey Matters

"End of Life Care: How to Assess Your Dog's Quality of Life" by Alice Villalobos, Grey Matters

"Thinking though the Goodbye" by Dr. Julie Buzby, DVM, Grey Matters

"My Time To Be Strong For Him" by Maria Stoerrle - The Grey Muzzle Organization's Education & Outreach Chair, as featured in The Daily

End-of-Life Decisions by Ardeth DeVries - The Grey Muzzle Organization's Advisory Board Member, courtesy of OldDog Haven

Article "Old Faithfuls" by Connie Schultz - Letting Go

Healing Conversations - What to say when you don't know what to say book - By Nance Guilmartin

Post a memorial of your dog with pictures online

Spirits In Transition Website

Bright Haven Resources

Senior Dog End-of-Life Articles