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Grey Muzzle Within Reach Of Granting $250,000 To Save Senior Dogs' Lives

August 15, 2012

Since 2008, The Grey Muzzle Organization has granted $230,000 to help homeless and at-risk senior dogs across the country. Meet Lollie (pictured), and others who have benefitted from the grants, and learn how nonprofit organizations are putting the funds to work to save senior dog lives!

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Energy Healing for Senior Dogs

October 15, 2011

Energy healing is ideal for senior dogs as it is non-invasive, effective, non-toxic and economical. Jenny Kachnic of the Grey Muzzle Advisory Board shares some insights about this complementary healing technique.

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Twice the Light and Love

June 1, 2011

Grey Muzzle grants are helping senior therapy dogs give back at The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs in Cleveland.

by Cherie Winner

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Living With a Blind Dog

April 1, 2011

Paulette Callen shares with us her journey with her blind dog, Lily.

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