Application Process

Overall, Grey Muzzle’s grant application process consists of three stages. These stages are designed to help us build long-term relationships with organizations that are making a real difference in the lives of senior dogs.


1.     First, send a one-page Letter of Interest using our form. Your "interest" reflects your organization's ongoing commitment to senior dogs - either in the form of an existing program for which you would like additional support (e.g., continue or expand) OR for a program to benefit senior dogs that you would like funds to help develop.  Either way, we are looking for you to outline how a senior dog program of your organization will make a critical difference in the lives of senior dogs.

The Letter of Interest serves as an introduction to your organization and your goals for helping senior dogs. Grey Muzzle will let you know during which funding period we are likely to review and consider your Letter.  Our consideration of Letters of Interest will be based on program priorities and available funds, so your Letter may not be considered until subsequent funding periods. 


Please review our Sample Programs and our Values to determine if your goals are a good fit for ours.


The Letter of Interest form is available here (Word document).


After downloading the document, be sure to save a copy on your computer before editing. If your Letter is reviewed and our board of directors determines that your program is eligible, you will be invited to complete an Organization Application (step #2 below).


2.  If invited to apply, the second step is for you to fill out an Organization Application.


Please note that this Organization Application invitation does NOT guarantee a grant.


The Organization Application undergoes rigorous review.  Grey Muzzle checks references, talks to your veterinarian(s), reviews financial information, verifies 501(c)(3) tax deductible status, and reviews adoption and care policies. We will also do an interview with you and/or a site visit. If you are approved as an Organization, you will not need to fill out this application again, even if you apply for funding more than once or for more than one program over time (we may ask you to update it occasionally, however).


A sample of the Organization Application is available here (Word document).


Please do not fill out this application unless invited to do so!


3.   If you are approved as an Organization, you may then apply for specific funding. You may apply for a grant for a specific program, or our board may choose to create an account for you to use for medical expenses associated with getting seniors out of at-risk situations. Once you are approved as an organization, grants require a fairly simple application; a medical expense account requires a very simple application for each dog.


A sample of the Grant Application is available here (Word document).


Please remember - do not fill out this application unless we invite you to do so!


Once you complete step #2 above, if you are approved, we intend to grant you funding; we will work with you to help you develop specific funding applications that meet our goals and criteria.

We welcome your questions and thoughts; please e-mail

Please also visit a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to explore other details about GMO's grant process.


Stay in touch

Please check this page or join our mailing list and indicate an interest in grants to keep up with program priorities, as they may change over funding cycles