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The Grey Muzzle Organization
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The Grey Muzzle Organization is not a rescue group. We provide funding to non-profit shelters, rescue groups and sanctuaries for senior dog programs.  We do not have a shelter or facility and our volunteers do not pull dogs.
For assistance in helping senior dogs, please check the organizations we have supported with grant funding on our website.  If any are in your area, you may wish to reach out to them for advice or help.
We would also suggest searching the internet or to see if you have a breed specific or senior dog rescue group in your area. If they are not able to assist you directly, they may be able to provide you with some referrals and advice.
For sharing of senior dogs in need, you can also post to Facebook on the “Adopt a Senior Dog” page or "Save Old Dogs" and if your dog is black, Black Dog Rescues

A great resource for matching senior dogs with adopters is Susie's Senior Dogs.

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