Who We Help

The Grey Muzzle Organization provides funding for senior dog programs nationwide. Here you'll find a state-by-state list of the organizations that have received Grey Muzzle funding.

In order to be approved for our funding, each organization must complete a detailed application. We check references, talk to the organization's veterinarian, evaluate financial information, verify 501(c)(3) tax deductible status, and review adoption and care policies. In short, we do our best to ensure that each organization is competent, well-run, stable, and doing wonderful work to help senior dogs. To learn more about our grant process, see our Grants page.
Please contact these organizations if you are considering adopting a senior dog, fostering, or volunteering locally.


Loving Companions Animal Rescue, Inc.

How we help Loving Companions Animal Rescue, Inc.

Funded From 2014 - 2015

Funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization will help with their “Senior Pets for Senior People” program.  This program will pay the total adoption costs for the senior dog to include; a collar, leash, free pet food, identification tags, a coat and gift package of pet items and a packet of information and referral for assistance with the senior pet.

About Loving Companions Animal Rescue, Inc.

Loving Companions Animal Rescue, Incorporated is an organization designed to save from destruction those usually older pets that have become hard to place because of their age or disabilities. These once great pets and friends are no longer wanted by the general population. We strive to give them a warm, comfortable home and try to place them with a new family that will have the ability and desire to care for such an animal. We will strive to maintain comfortable surroundings for those animals that cannot be placed to insure they are able to live out their natural life.

Learn More at: www.lovingcompanionsanimalrescue.org/



How we help Muttville

Funded from 2008 - 2015

Grey Muzzle provides funding for 6-12 dogs in Muttville's Seniors-for-Seniors adoption program, a program which unites senior citizens with senior companion dogs like Fella. Senior dogs make great companions for elderly people, and we hope to support more of these programs that help senior dogs give back

About Muttville

Muttville in San Francisco reaches out to seniors and special needs rescue dogs to find suitable homes for those dogs that are adoptable, and offers end-of-life care for those who are not adoptable.

Learn More at: www.muttville.org/

German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California (GSRNC)


How we help German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California (GSRNC)

Funded from 2009 - 2015

The Thulani Program expands the traditional rescue services of GSRNC by providing comfort and quality of life for dogs with only a short time to live, dogs that generally are not considered adoptable. A Grey Muzzle grant helped to launch this new program, and Leeway was the first beneficiary

About German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California (GSRNC)

The specific purpose of GSRNC is the prevention of cruelty to animals by rescuing and rehoming German Shepherds, educating the public about the advantages of adopting dogs from shelters and rescue organizations, providing proper care and training, and teaching about the need for spaying and neutering to reduce pet overpopulation.

Learn More at: www.gsrnc.org/

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue

How we help Peace of Mind Dog Rescue

Funded from 2011 - 2015

A Grey Muzzle grant helps pay for medical expenses for senior dogs, and also supports the Helping Paw Program, which helps keep senior dogs with their owners

About Peace of Mind Dog Rescue

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue is dedicated to finding new loving homes for dogs whose guardians can no longer care for them due to illness, death, or other challenging circumstances, and to finding homes for senior dogs in animal shelters.

Learn More at: www.peaceofminddogrescue.org/

Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue Inc.

How we help Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue Inc.

Funded in 2012

Grey Muzzle gave a grant to support Labradors and Friends' Agnes Fund which helps dogs 7 years and older whose owners have passed away, become too ill to continue to care for them, or have been abandoned and left to die in an unforgiving shelter system. We know that our seniors sometimes take a little longer to find their forever homes and hope that this grant will make a difference to several dogs.

About Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue Inc.

Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue Group, Inc. is dedicated to rescuing Labrador Retrievers and Labrador mixed breed dogs in Southern California and placing them in loving homes.

Founded in 2007, this all-volunteer group is comprised of experienced men and woman who work passionately to save dogs from shelters and help dogs whose families can no longer provide for them.

Learn More at: www.labradorsandfriends.org

Tails of the City Animal Rescue

How we help Tails of the City Animal Rescue

Funded from 2011 - 2012

Grey Muzzle helps Tails of the City by providing a grant to help with their Shelter Intervention Program to help low income families keep their dog in their own home and their Permanent Foster program where some medical costs are covered.

About Tails of the City Animal Rescue

Tails of the City is dedicated to the rescue, treatment and re-homing of animals of all ages in the greater Los Angeles Area.

Learn More at: www.tailsofthecityrescue.com

Lionel's Legacy

How we help Lionel's Legacy

Funded from 2014 - 2015

A grant from Grey Muzzle is helping to launch a vital program to help seniors on fixed incomes keep their pets in their home by providing financial support for food and medical, or in the event that seniors are no longer able to care for their pets we would be able to take them under our wing and care for their pets needs.  Many elderly people have to let go of their senior pets, sometimes their only companions, and that is hard enough but knowing they can turn to an organization that will support them with resources or a new home for their senior dog will be of great help to senior dogs, our community and keep these loving dogs out of shelters. 

About Lionel's Legacy

Lionel's Legacy is a 501c3 non-profit San Diego-based senior dog rescue and humane education program for elementary school children inspired by a senior pit mix named Lionel. It is their goal to save and advocate for ONE senior furbaby at a time, and support anyone who is willing to do the same.
The second component to Lionel’s Legacy is the message shared with children - through their humane education program they are working to provide an educational program to students who have a passion for animals. The goal is for students to become compassionate, advocating, respectful, and educated animal lovers who can share their new found knowledge with their peers and leave a legacy that Lionel will remember!

Learn More at: www.lionelslegacy.org

Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE)

How we help Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE)

Funded in 2015

A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization will launch a “Grey Muzzle Fund” to offer financial assistance specifically for older dogs with life-threatening illness or injuries. Specifically for older dogs, this program will work in tandem with the Save-a-Life Program which focuses on life-saving medical treatment for pets of all ages to prevent “economic euthanasia.”

About Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE)

FACE’s mission is to enhance and preserve the quality of life of animals by providing access to necessary medical care and education. Based on established criteria, FACE provides financial grants for animal owners who are unable to cover the cost of their ill/injured pet's emergency or critical veterinary care.  With a tagline of Saving Pets and Helping Families, the goal of FACE is to make sure that no pet-parent ever has to make the heartbreaking decision to put their beloved four-legged companion to sleep due to financial hardship. 

Learn More at: www.face4pets.org


Safe Harbor Lab Rescue

How we help Safe Harbor Lab Rescue

Funded from 2014 - 2015

A grant from Grey Muzzle helps Safe Harbor Lab Rescue with their medical expenses for senior Labs.  Safe Harbor is trying to provide a safe forever home to an increased number of senior dogs and has a commitment to rescue and place well-vetted senior Labs as loved companions, and assure they remain a significant part of their rescue program.

About Safe Harbor Lab Rescue

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue's mission is to rescue and successfully rehome stray, abandoned or surrendered Labrador Retrievers located primarily in Colorado. We partner with professionals to provide medical care, training resources and breed education.

Learn More at: www.safeharborlabrescue.org/

Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies

How we help Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies

Funded from 2014 - 2015

Grey Muzzle's grant is used to further The Golden Years Support Program (“Golden Oldies”) - a combination of existing, expanded and new efforts to ensure senior Golden Retrievers receive the care they need to be placed in loving forever homes or permanent GRRR foster homes.

This program includes five segments:
Senior dog adoptions; Golden Angel Program, focusing on Goldens with extraordinary medical or behavioral needs; Seniors for Seniors Program; Holistic Treatments; and Foster Respite Care.

About Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies

Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) is dedicated to the rescue, placement and public awareness to ensure that Golden Retrievers are adopted by people able to provide a safe, loving home. Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies is a mostly volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that helps place unwanted, abandoned or surrendered Golden Retrievers into loving forever homes. Founded in 1996 by Laura Terroux, they have experienced continued organizational growth while working toward the goal of caring for their breed. GRRR re-homes approximately 300 Golden Retrievers annually.

Learn More at: www.goldenrescue.com/

Humane Society of The Pikes Peak Region

How we help Humane Society of The Pikes Peak Region

Funded in 2015

Grey Muzzle’s funding helps HSPPR to provide dental care for senior dogs, which can be expensive.  By providing this dental care, HSPPR can not only improve their quality of life, but also increase their chances of adoption.

About Humane Society of The Pikes Peak Region

Founded in 1949, the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is a private, nonprofit animal welfare organization dedicated to the care and protection of domesticated animals in our community. HSPPR rescues and cares for animals in distress, reunites lost pets with their owners, finds loving homes for homeless animals and teaches people how to properly care for and respect animals, as well as enforces licensing and other animal ordinances.

Learn More at: www.hsppr.org/


Pet Animal Welfare Society

How we help Pet Animal Welfare Society

Funded in 2015

A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization helps with their “Mutticare” fund.  This innovative program seeks to facilitate the adoption of senior dogs by providing a financial “safety net” to pay for any medical issues that arise for older dogs post-adoption.  By removing the barrier of potentially high medical expenses, it is hoped that more seniors will find homes.  

About Pet Animal Welfare Society

PAWS is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in operation since 1962 by Westport, Connecticut resident Betty Long to rescue homeless dogs and place them in permanent homes. In the early 1980s, rescue efforts were expanded to include cats. PAWS rescues & rehomes approximately 115 dogs and 435 cats annually. Many of the dogs faced euthanasia at local pounds and most of the cats that we help are strays and abandoned cats that roam our streets. A portion of the pets that come to PAWS have been relinquished by their owners who are no longer able to care for them.


Learn More at: www.pawsct.org


Senior Dog Haven & Hospice

How we help Senior Dog Haven & Hospice

Funded from 2014 - 2015

A grant from Grey Muzzle helps to support their medical fund.  Sadly, many of the senior dogs they rescue have never received any kind of medical attention and now that they are elderly, unattended issues have amplified. The medical funds will cover spays, neuters, dental cleaning, surgeries, medical tests, medications, and office visits.

About Senior Dog Haven & Hospice

Senior Dog Haven and Hospice is a small, dedicated group of fosters and volunteers who have a special place in their hearts for senior dogs. We strive to improve the lives of senior dogs who find themselves without a family to care for them anymore. We do not have a facility – our dogs live in our homes as members of our families until they find their forever home or in the event of a hospice situation, until they cross the Rainbow Bridge. We provide care, comfort, companionship and, most of all, unconditional love.

Learn More at: seniordoghaven.org/

District of Columbia

Washington Humane Society

How we help Washington Humane Society

Funded from 2011 - 2015

Grey Muzzle helps to fund the Senior Companions program at WHS, which treats medical needs of senior animals and provides them care either in foster homes or temporarily at the shelter until they are adopted.

About Washington Humane Society

Since 1870, the Washington Humane Society has been the National Capital area’s leading voice of compassion for pets and wildlife. They operate the only open-access shelter in the District.

Learn More at: www.washhumane.org


Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay

How we help Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay

Funded from 2009 - 2014

A Grey Muzzle grant provides medical care, senior supplements, and medications for the "old spots" who are part of Dalmation Rescue of Tampa Bay's "sanctuary" program, for dogs who require hospice or long-term care in a foster home.

About Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay

The mission of Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home as many Dalmatians from Florida shelters as possible that need their help. Their first and main priority is to take the Dalmatians who are facing euthanasia at animal control facilities.

Learn More at: www.dalrescuetampabay.org/

Golden Retriever Rescue of SW Florida, Inc.

How we help Golden Retriever Rescue of SW Florida, Inc.

Funded in 2012

Grey Muzzle provides financial aid to this rescue's 'Bill Ragatz Seniors Fund'. The primary goal of this fund is to increase the organization's ability to rescue and rehabilitate more senior Golden Retrievers and Golden Retriever mixes and support the ongoing intake of seniors who have unique challenges and incur greater medical cost.

About Golden Retriever Rescue of SW Florida, Inc.

Based in Southwest Florida, Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida is dedicated to finding exceptional homes for exceptional Golden Retrievers and Golden mixes that are homeless, abandoned in Shelters or surrendered by their owners into their “forever” homes.

Learn More at: www.grrswf.org

Fairy Tail Endings, Inc.

How we help Fairy Tail Endings, Inc.

Funded from 2014 - 2015

A grant from Grey Muzzle helps to fund their 'Road to Recovery Project'.  In collaboration with other Partners, this project will provide routine and specialty veterinary care and surgeries for pets of seniors, the disabled, HIV positive and the home-bound restoring them to comfort and good health so they can continue to provide support to their owners.

Grey Muzzle's piece will support the outreach initiative by funding the cost of veterinary care for senior dogs in the program and we hope that, together, we can strengthen and expand the collective reach, creating positive outcomes for at-risk pets while promoting this emotional bond that is so critical to the health and wellness of these vulnerable populations.

About Fairy Tail Endings, Inc.

Fairy Tail Endings, Inc. is dedicated to helping financially struggling families in Sarasota & Manatee counties keep their pets and provide proper care through financial aid, product and service donations, education and outreach. In short, our mission is to keep WANTED pets healthy, happy and home with the families that love them!

Learn More at: www.fairytailendings.org

Mastiff Rescue of Florida

How we help Mastiff Rescue of Florida

Funded from 2014 - 2015

A grant from Grey Muzzle helps with the "Oldies but Goodies" program to provide medical care for adoptable dogs.  Senior dogs can arrive into their rescue as owner surrenders, abandonment, abuse, puppy mill seizures, shelter drops, etc. and all require medical work up and heartworm prevention - many require medical treatments.

All rescued senior dogs live in a safe loving environment with MRF dedicated fosters. One volunteer states all dogs should “die in the arms of love with fried chicken on their breath.”

About Mastiff Rescue of Florida

Mastiff Rescue of Florida, Inc.(MRF) was formed to help provide needy mastiffs with a second chance for a home and family.  MRF strives to prevent cruelty to Mastiffs and to place cruelty cases, stray or abandoned Mastiffs in adoptive homes which will provide a high level of care. We may also assist Mastiff owners who can no longer provide a home for their dog. We are an all volunteer rescue that works to find forever homes and to educate the public about these gentle giants.

Learn More at: www.mastiffrescuefl.org/

Suncoast Basset Rescue

How we help Suncoast Basset Rescue

Funded from 2014 -2015

A grant from Grey Muzzle helps to fund a Senior Wellness Package for adopters of a Senior Basset to a Senior Person. This will include spay & neuter, vaccinations and taking care of any medical needs they basset may have so that it is ready for adoption.

About Suncoast Basset Rescue

Suncoast Basset Rescue is a not-for-profit, volunteer effort that rescues Basset Hounds from abusive, abandoned and unwanted situations just for the love of the breed. Our organization gives bassets a second chance to live, as they were intended as someone's best animal friend.  We have rescued over 2000 bassets since 1997.

Learn More at: www.suncoastbassetrescue.org/

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

How we help Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

Funded in 2014

One of Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando’s (PAGO) major goals is to help senior companion animals live long, healthy and happy lives with their human families.  Grant funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization helps to support their Pet Food Xpress program (PFX) that provides thousands of nourishing meals each year to senior companion dogs living with homebound elderly families in Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties. Once a month, free of charge, volunteers deliver dog food that has been packaged by PAGO staff and volunteers to the seniors and their pets. All of these seniors are on a fixed income. Through this program, the seniors are able to keep their dogs in their homes while providing them with proper nutrition. PFX volunteers often visit with the seniors, giving them much needed company. During these visits, volunteers are able to identify specific needs of the pets that are then followed up on by PAGO staff. 

About Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

As the go-to pet experts across Central Florida, the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando does good things for dogs and cats and the people who love them.  Formerly the SPCA of Central Florida, our goal is to provide compassionate and knowledgeable services for pets and to be leaders in innovative animal care and veterinary medicine.  More than 10,000 homeless dogs and cats will turn to the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando for caring, compassion, and hope through our animal shelters this year.  Our highly skilled veterinarians will help and heal an additional 45,000 animals in our veterinary clinics.  Providing shelter for animals in crisis, disaster response efforts, and pet food pantry for dogs and cats in need, we will help thousands of additional animals this year. 

Learn More at: petallianceorlando.org

Vintage Paws Sanctuary, Inc.

How we help Vintage Paws Sanctuary, Inc.

Funded in 2015

A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization helps with their Hospice/Forever Foster Program.  The goal with this program is to provide compassionate care to senior dogs with life-limiting illness or disease including, but not limited to:  cancer, kidney failure, arthritis, diabetes, Cushing’s, heart disease, periodontal disease, blindness and incontinence.  They provide:  pain management, chemo/radiation, sub q fluids, supplemental nutrition, holistic meals, medical and dental surgery, medication, acupuncture, chiropractic, laser therapy, massage, radiographs and ultrasound, ER visits; and a loving and safe environment to live out their final days, months or years. 

About Vintage Paws Sanctuary, Inc.

Vintage Paws is a sanctuary where senior dogs, regardless of their health, can live out their lives.  They generally accept dogs that are nine years and older, regardless of the breed.  All dogs can be adopted but many are not due to advanced age and/or illness.  The Sanctuary limits the intake based on space and financial constraints – we care until the end, no matter what.

Learn More at: www.vintagepaws.org


The Dahlonega Lumpkin County Humane Society (“TLC”)

How we help The Dahlonega Lumpkin County Humane Society (“TLC”)

Funded in 2015

Funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization helps to pay for their Senior Pre-Adoption and Medical Treatment program.  This may include medical and dental diagnostics, testing or treatment, emergency treatment, spay-neuter, vaccinations, heart worm treatment, medications and other veterinary care related to the care of the seniors that they take in.  

About The Dahlonega Lumpkin County Humane Society (“TLC”)

TLC Humane Society, legally recognized as Dahlonega-Lumpkin County Humane Society, was founded in 1977 and is a licensed non-profit 501(c)(3) rescue organization with both dogs and cats available for adoption, all of them need to find a good home.

Learn More at: www.tlchs.org


K9 Kokua

How we help K9 Kokua

Funded from 2014 - 2015

The money provided by Grey Muzzle's grant supports K9 Kokua’s “Kupuna (Elder) Dog Project”, the goal of which is to improve the quality of life for at-risk homeless senior dogs. Specifically, this project seeks to provide medical assistance to senior dogs during medical beach rounds. During medical beach rounds, K9 Kokua volunteers and veterinarians travel to homeless campsites and assist dogs residing with their homeless owners. Volunteers perform onsite medical care, conduct wellness examinations, provide dog food, treats, toys, and bedding, as well as nail trims, ear cleaning, and make appointments for spay/neuter and microchipping- a requirement for public housing.

About K9 Kokua

K9 Kokua is a 501c3 non-profit, all-volunteer operated organization that believes every dog deserves a chance at a life of feeling no hunger pains, has access to medical care and the right to live in safety. We visit and provide care for the dogs that live with the houseless population on Oahu and Maui.  We also assist dogs of the financially destitute and those affected by domestic violence.
Many are ohana (families) who make the decision about being homeless or going into a shelter and even at times, to stay in a dangerous situation for fear that their dog will be harmed in their absence. We understand their determination to keep their ohana together.  We are here to make sure the dogs have a resource for spaying/neutering, Emergency Care response and much more. 

Learn More at: www.k9kokua.org/

Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary

How we help Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary

Funded from 2014 - 2015

Grey Muzzle's grant funding supports their ongoing Program of Veterinary Medical/Surgical Care of injured or sick senior dogs. This includes 1) those that have been abused, neglected, abandoned or are strays obtained through our rescue services, many after road injuries, from dog-fighting rings or abandoned hunting dogs, 2) those surrendered by families who cannot afford to provide veterinary care for their sick elderly dogs, 3) or for those aged or disabled or non-adoptable senior dogs living out their lives in our sanctuary

About Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary

Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to the well being of Hawaii's unwanted, rejected, abandoned, abused or otherwise neglected animals, especially companion animals.
Our services include rescuing, fostering, provision of food, medical care and safe sheltering of these creatures until they can be permanently placed into caring and responsible homes. Some animals may live out their lives at the Sanctuary, or foster locations, or be returned to their human companions.

Learn More at: www.rainbowfriends.org/


Quad City Animal Welfare Center

How we help Quad City Animal Welfare Center

Funded from 2010 - 2013

Quad City Animal Welfare Center received a grant for their Senior for Senior adoption program

About Quad City Animal Welfare Center

The mission of the Quad City Animal Welfare Center is to offer a shelter for homeless animals, to offer a low cost spay and neuter program and provide humane education.

Learn More at: www.qcawc.org/

Young at Heart Pet Rescue

How we help Young at Heart Pet Rescue

Funded from 2011 - 2015

Grey Muzzle helps fund the Grey Muzzles, Gold Hearts program, which provides senior citizen outreach and adoption

About Young at Heart Pet Rescue

Young at Heart is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of mature and senior dogs and cats. 100% of their adoptable pets are rescued from open-admission shelters where their age makes them first in line for euthanasia. Young at Heart is based in Chicagoland.

Learn More at: www.yahpetrescue.com

South Suburban Humane Society

How we help South Suburban Humane Society

Funded in 2015

Funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization helps to pay for medical expenses and provide dental care for senior dogs to encourage people to consider them for adoption.

About South Suburban Humane Society

The South Suburban Humane Society is dedicated to promoting the well-being of animals in Chicago's south suburbs. 


Through the care and sheltering of animals needing protection, investigative practices which will prevent abuse, education of the public as to ownership duties and responsibilities, vetted and thorough adoption services, and targeted, high-impact spay/neuter policies, the South Suburban Humane Society will make every effort towards ending animal homelessness, reducing pet overpopulation, and ending cruel, inhumane treatment and abuse towards pets. 

Learn More at: www.southsuburbanhumanesociety.org/


Great Plains SPCA

How we help Great Plains SPCA

Funded from 2013 - 2015

A grant from Grey Muzzle helps Great Plains SPCA with their Canine Geriatric Specialty Assessment Program, covering medical expenses associated with the rehoming of senior dogs living in the shelter and foster care

About Great Plains SPCA

Great Plains SPCA was formed through the merger of Animal Haven and No More Homeless Pets KC back in 2011. It is Kansas City Metro’s most comprehensive No Kill animal welfare organization, serving more than 30,000 needy pets annually – more than any other agency in the area.

Learn More at: www.greatplainsspca.org/


The Kentucky Humane Society

How we help The Kentucky Humane Society

Funded from 2014 - 2015

The Kentucky Humane Society ("KHS") receives funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization for its 'Help Me Heal' Fund to assist in the medical diagnosis, treatment and advanced behavior help for senior pets.
Many pets arrive at KHS with broken spirits or bodies.  Some come to KHS in pain from untreated illness, disease or traumatic accidents.  Some exhibit behavior issues such as fear or anxiety.  Others have been physically or emotionally harmed by humans.  To help our most fragile pets, KHS has a special donor-supported, restricted fund called the Help Me Heal Fund.  This mission of this fund is to heal the bodies and spirits of our neediest pets – those who require medical diagnosis and treatment or advanced behavior help before they can be adopted.

About The Kentucky Humane Society

As a private, non-profit animal welfare agency, the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) finds loving homes for more than 6,000 cats and dogs a year at their 9 adoption locations in Louisville and Southern Indiana. They also spay or neuter more than 11,000 local cats and dogs a year - helping reduce the number of unwanted pets.
KHS is an ASPCA Community Partner and a Best Friends No More Homeless Pets Network Partner. 

Learn More at: www.kyhumane.org/


Animal Rescue New Orleans

How we help Animal Rescue New Orleans

Funded from 2012-2015

A Grey Muzzle Grant will help ARNO with their Hospice Foster Program and medical costs

About Animal Rescue New Orleans

Animal Rescue New Orleans was the local animal first responders after Katrina and decided to make it a permanent mission by opening a no-kill triage shelter to house rescues in 2006. ARNO is dedicated to the most vulnerable — the old, the very young, the sick, the injured, the abandoned, neglected and the abused.

Learn More at: www.animalrescueneworleans.org


House with a Heart

How we help House with a Heart

Funded from 2008-2013

Grey Muzzle's grant to House with a Heart provides medical care for senior dogs at this in-home sanctuary

About House with a Heart

House with a Heart provides a loving and caring end-of-life experience for senior dogs who no longer have a human companion to care for them.

Learn More at: www.housewithaheart.com


Local Animal Shelter Support (“LASSI”)

How we help Local Animal Shelter Support (“LASSI”)

Funded in 2015

Funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization helps to pay for their senior dog healthcare examination expenses to give a better assessment of a dog’s condition to be able to fully inform potential  adopters and to initiate  veterinary  treatment  if necessary.  This will include diagnosis and treatment of heartworm stages 1-3, dental issues, hip dysplasia, broken bones, mastitis, mammary tumors, severe eye and ear infections, hernias, malnutrition, and severe matting and skin infections as well as routine spay/neuter and diagnosis of arthritis, hearing and vision issues. 

About Local Animal Shelter Support (“LASSI”)

LASSI provides veterinary care for pets at the Oceana County Animal Control Shelter, socializes them and prepares them for adoption.  They pay for veterinary care including basic veterinary exams, flea and tick treatment, ear, skin and eye infections, catastrophic injury and illness such as broken bones, amputations, hip dysplasia, bladder stones, prolapsed uterus, and heartworm disease.  They maintain adoption websites, hold adoption events and transport pets to new homes outside the local area.  When the shelter is full, they place pets in foster homes and other shelters.

Learn More at: www.lassipets.com


St. Louis Senior Dog Project

How we help St. Louis Senior Dog Project

Funded from 2008 - 2015

Grey Muzzle provides financial aid to this rescue's senior dogs

About St. Louis Senior Dog Project

The St. Louis Senior Dog Project rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes dogs (and a few cats) with an emphasis on the adoption of older dogs.

Learn More at: www.stlseniordogproject.org

Senior Dogs 4 Seniors

How we help Senior Dogs 4 Seniors

Funded from 2011 - 2015

A grant from Grey Muzzle helps Senior Dogs 4 Seniors with their veterinary bills.  Without this financial help, fewer senior dogs could be taken in by the rescue.

About Senior Dogs 4 Seniors

Senior Dogs 4 Seniors places older dogs in the homes of older people in the St Louis area.

Learn More at: www.seniordogs4seniors.com


Humane Society of Western Montana

How we help Humane Society of Western Montana

Funded from 2014 - 2015

A grant from Grey Muzzle helps with the 'Nandi Wishcamper Senior Veterinarian Assistance Fund' ("Nandi Sr.").  To help senior pets stay in their homes, the Nandi Sr. Fund offers financial assistance to low income families for veterinary care for their senior pets. These funds can often be the deciding factor when a family is faced with providing medical attention or surrendering their pet.

About Humane Society of Western Montana

The mission of the Humane Society of Western Montana is to provide a safe, compassionate shelter for pets in need, place these animals into loving, lifelong homes, and advocate for the welfare of all companion animals. Because of the awareness and care of our community, we guarantee the adoption of all adoptable pets. Saving Every Animal. Every Time.

Learn More at: myhswm.org/


Nevada Humane Society

How we help Nevada Humane Society

Funded from 2012-2015

Grey Muzzle's grant will assist the Seniors-for-Seniors Pet Adoption Program which matches older dogs with senior citizens, therefore saving the lives of older dogs that are traditionally overlooked in shelters.

About Nevada Humane Society

As a no-kill animal welfare organization, Nevada Humane Society’s mission is to find homes and provide shelter care for homeless animals. This non-profit organization is dependent upon grants and donations and does not receive funds from government agencies or any national animal welfare groups.

Learn More at: www.nevadahumanesociety.org

New Jersey

Cumberland County SPCA

How we help Cumberland County SPCA

Funded 2010 - 2015

Cumberland County SPCA received a grant for their Senior Society for Grey Muzzles. They use some of the money to help seniors who would otherwise have to euthanize or relinquish their senior dog

About Cumberland County SPCA

The Cumberland County SPCA (CCSPCA) was founded in 1891. The shelter serves as a refuge for thousands of stray, unwanted, abused, abandoned and sick animals.

Learn More at: members.petfinder.com/~NJ44/HOME.htm

Penny Angel's Beagle Rescue

How we help Penny Angel's Beagle Rescue

Funded from 2014 - 2015

Many senior citizens would love a dog or struggle to keep their dogs but simply cannot afford the health care bills.  Grey Muzzle's grant funding helps Penny's Angels Beagle Rescue with medical expenses for adoptable dogs, so that those who can most benefit from their companionship will have assistance in their care. This includes dentals, special food, heart worm tests, meds, arthritis maintenance, and senior blood panels. 

About Penny Angel's Beagle Rescue

Penny Angels Beagle Rescue is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to beagle rescue and community education of the breed. We provide rescue for beagles from New Jersey shelters, stray beagles and beagles from homes that can no longer keep their dog.  We rescue purebred beagles and beagle mixes that are puppies, adults and senior beagles.  We are based out of South Jersey & serve all of New Jersey and the tri-state area.

Learn More at: pennyangelsbeaglerescue.com/

New York

Last Hope Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation

How we help Last Hope Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation

Funded from 2009 - 2014

Grey Muzzle provides medical funding for Last Hope to help at-risk senior dogs

About Last Hope Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation

Last Hope on Long Island is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of death-due pound, stray and abandoned animals.

Learn More at: lasthopeanimalrescue.org/

Animal Haven

How we help Animal Haven

Funded from 2012-2015

Grey Muzzle is proud to support Animal Haven's Executive Suite program which aims to increase the adoption of senior dogs.  Animal Haven's commitment is to pull at least one older dog per month from a city shelter and give him/her a second chance.

About Animal Haven

Animal Haven is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was founded in 1967 and finds homes for abandoned cats and dogs throughout the Tri-State area, and provides behavior intervention when needed to improve chances of adoption.  They also provide programs that enhance the bond between animals and people.

Learn More at: www.animalhavenshelter.org

Long Island Bulldog Rescue

How we help Long Island Bulldog Rescue

Funded in 2015

A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization helps with their “Shady Paws program”, named after the retirement home on the “Golden Girls” TV show! Long Island Bulldog Rescue works to provide foster families, medical care and 4EvrFamiliesTM for their senior dogs.  They educate people so they better understand their senior dogs and work to promote their happy senior dogs and joyful 4EvrFamilies through extensive social media exposure, and in other electronic, print and school/community presentations and related materials.  

About Long Island Bulldog Rescue

The mission of Long Island Bulldog Rescue is to provide education, prevention, intervention, and adoption services to ensure that all English Bulldogs enjoy long, healthy lives in loving, safe, appropriate homes where they are provided the life-long care they require. They commit to each English Bulldog and adopter(s) served for the life of the dog. In the event that an adoption is unsuccessful, the dog is to be returned to the LIBR.

Learn More at: www.longislandbulldogrescue.org

North Carolina

Community Pet Center

How we help Community Pet Center

Funded from 2009 - 2011

Community Pet Center has received grants from Grey Muzzle for their Senior Pets Project. This program rescues senior dogs from the local animal control, and works with Meals on Wheels to provide assistance for low-income owners of senior dogs

About Community Pet Center

The Community Pet Center serves the rural area of Rutherford County, NC. The organization works with the local animal control agency to safeguard the lives of dogs and cats by providing education to the community about responsible pet ownership, and spay/neuter programs.

Learn More at: www.rutherfordpets.org/

German Shepherd Rescue and Adoption

How we help German Shepherd Rescue and Adoption

Funded from 2009 - 2014

Grey Muzzle has provided a grant to German Shepherd Rescue for a new program, A Moment in Time. The program represents the idea that time shouldn't be measured in minutes, hours, days or even years...but rather moments - special moments that are shared between an owner and their dog. The program has increased the rescue of senior GSD and GSD mixes from area shelters, as well as increased education and awareness of senior dog issues

About German Shepherd Rescue and Adoption

The mission of German Shepherd Rescue in Raleigh is to provide rescue, rehabilitation and adoption services to purebreds and mixes, and to address our community’s need for real solutions in the fight against animal homelessness, abuse and neglect.

Learn More at: www.gsdrescue.org/

SPCA of Wake County

How we help SPCA of Wake County

Funded from 2009 - 2012

The SPCA received a grant from Grey Muzzle for their Senior Wellness Program. Each elderly dog will be given a health screening including bloodwork, urinalysis, fecal exams, and radiographs to give an overall health picture of the dog.  The SPCA will be using this health package to remove any apprehension of adopting a senior dog.

About SPCA of Wake County

The SPCA of Wake County is a non-profit animal welfare organization whose mission is to protect, shelter and promote adoption of homeless animals; to provide education about responsible pet ownership; and to reduce pet overpopulation through spay/neuter programs.

Learn More at: www.spcawake.org


The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

How we help The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

Funded from 2008 - 2015

Grey Muzzle supports the senior therapy dog program at The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs. We pay medical expenses for dogs who have passed their therapy dog exam, and help The Sanctuary expand this important program that shows us how much old dogs have to give

About The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs rescues senior dogs abandoned in shelters and pounds; provides lifelong care for rescued senior dogs; adopts appropriate dogs into loving, permanent homes; develops programs that match senior dogs and senior people to their mutual benefit; fosters an awareness of our lifelong responsibility to our companion animals; and strengthens the bond between humans and animals by teaching respect and compassion for all living things.

Learn More at: www.sanctuaryforseniordogs.org/

Almost Home Dog Rescue

How we help Almost Home Dog Rescue

Funded in 2012

Grey Muzzle's grant helps Almost Home with their Seniors for Seniors program and medical costs for senior dogs, thus enabling them to rescue more senior dogs from kill-shelters.

About Almost Home Dog Rescue

Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio rescues Collie and Sheltie dogs and mixes from kill-shelters and unhealthy homes in a five-state area consisting of Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Learn More at: www.almosthomeohio.org


Humane Society of Cherokee County

How we help Humane Society of Cherokee County

Funded in 2013

A grant from Grey Muzzle helps HSCC with their Special Care for Senior Dogs Program, funding medical expenses, beds, and food.  By having more comfortable, happier senior dogs, the chance of adoption is increased.

About Humane Society of Cherokee County

The Humane Society of Cherokee County is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to reducing, if not eliminating, pet overpopulation, abuse and neglect within the county. They are a no-kill shelter supported by donations, fund-raising projects, memberships and grants. 

Learn More at: www.humanecherokeecounty.org


Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue

How we help Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue

Funded from 2009 - 2015

Grey Muzzle has provided a grant for medical care for DVGRR senior dogs to help get them ready for adoption. Sebastian was the first dog to be helped by this grant

About Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue

Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR) rescues displaced Golden Retrievers and places them for adoption in carefully matched approved homes.

Learn More at: www.dvgrr.org

Southwest Pennsylvania Retriever Rescue Organization (SPARRO)

How we help Southwest Pennsylvania Retriever Rescue Organization (SPARRO)

Funded from 2009 - 2015

Grey Muzzle provides medical funds to help SPARRO bring at-risk senior dogs into their care

About Southwest Pennsylvania Retriever Rescue Organization (SPARRO)

SPARRO is not your standard rescue. It is a temporary home for wayward, abandoned, unwanted or abused dogs. All dogs that enter their organization are treated as members of the family.

Learn More at: www.sparro.org/

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance

How we help Blind Dog Rescue Alliance

Funded from 2011 - 2015

Grey Muzzle provides medical funding to Blind Dog Rescue Alliance for long-term care, as well as adoptable dogs

About Blind Dog Rescue Alliance

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance is a group of volunteers spread throughout the United States and Canada dedicated to helping blind and visually impaired dogs by rescuing dogs in shelters, assisting blind dog owners, and educating the public about these wonderful dogs.

Learn More at: www.blinddogrescue.org/

South Carolina

Carolina Basset Hound Rescue

How we help Carolina Basset Hound Rescue

Funded from 2011 - 2013

Grey Muzzle's funding to CBHR provides medical funding for the at-risk senior dogs CBHR takes into foster homes.

About Carolina Basset Hound Rescue

CBHR is a volunteer-staffed non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome unwanted basset hounds in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Learn More at: www.cbhr.com/


Knoxville-Knox County Council on Aging

How we help Knoxville-Knox County Council on Aging

Funded in 2015

Funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization helps with their “Knox PAWS program” of the Knoxville-Knox County CAC Office on Aging that has partnered with local shelters and rescue groups to match adoptable pets with low-income seniors who need a companion and can provide loving homes.
Pets adopted by Knox PAWS’ participants are given an initial medical exam, vaccinated, given a microchip, are spayed or neutered, and are provided with six months of heartworm and flea prevention medication.

About Knoxville-Knox County Council on Aging

The CAC Office on Aging is a public nonprofit agency. It has the major responsibility in Knoxville and Knox County of planning for services for senior citizens; assessing needs of older citizens and developing resources to meet those needs; coordinating services for the elderly to minimize duplication and avoid overlap–whether provided by public, nonprofit, or for-profit organizations; providing information about services and programs to older citizens and their families and connecting them to those services; and advocating on behalf of older citizens.
The Knox PAWS Program has two goals:
·         To reduce loneliness and stress as well as improve the physical and mental health of seniors by matching them with a pet that is in need of a loving home.  
·         To reduce the number of senior pets euthanized at local shelters.

Learn More at: www.knoxseniors.org/paws.html

Monroe County Friends of Animals

How we help Monroe County Friends of Animals

Funded in 2015

A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization helps to fund the “Second Chance Pals” program.  This program seeks to find foster or other temporary care for senior dogs until a forever home can be found.  All illnesses and injuries are treated except for the medically untreatable.  The program’s future goals are to provide educational material for the community about the benefits of adopting an adult pet and to provide assistance to existing pet owners to help find solutions to keeping their family pet in their home.  

About Monroe County Friends of Animals

Monroe County Friends of Animals (MCFA) is a not-for-profit volunteer organization located in Monroe County, Tennessee. This group was created in 2004 by concerned citizens who recognized a dire need existing throughout the county for animal welfare. They consulted with the County's governing body and entered into negotiations with the Monroe County government. This led to the formation of a county-run animal shelter, which was approved by a narrow commission vote at the end of 2004. The main thrust of MCFA's mission is to support the Monroe County Animal Shelter both monetarily in animal rescue efforts and with hands-on assistance in the shelter. In addition MCFA provides other community services through its volunteers' network. 

Learn More at: www.friendsofanimalsmc.org


Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas (GRRNT)

How we help Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas (GRRNT)

Funded from 2008 - 2015

Grey Muzzle has provided a grant for GRNNT's Permanent Foster Program. This program cares for dogs like Snickers that are deemed unadoptable due to medical issues

About Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas (GRRNT)

GRNNT's mission is to rescue, care for, and place neglected or unwanted Golden Retrievers in permanent loving homes, and to educate the general public about responsible pet ownership and the special qualities of the Golden Retriever breed in the North Texas area.

Learn More at: www.goldenretrievers.org/

Central Texas Dachshund Rescue (CTDR)

How we help Central Texas Dachshund Rescue (CTDR)

Funded from 2008 - 2015

Grey Muzzle provides a grant to support four Dachshunds currently in hospice care at this organization

About Central Texas Dachshund Rescue (CTDR)

The mission of Central Texas Dachshund Rescue is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home dachshunds and most dachshund mixes that need a second chance at life and love.

Learn More at: /www.ctdr.org/

Aggieland Humane Society

How we help Aggieland Humane Society

Funded from 2014 - 2015

A grant from Grey Muzzle helped with their "Cookie’s Dental Medical Rescue" challenge.  A contributor made a challenge and will match our funds (capped at a certain amount) to provide much needed dental care for senior dogs with dental disease.  Our hope is that, by providing this vital dental treatment, senior dogs will have an increased chance at being adopted.

About Aggieland Humane Society

The Aggieland Humane Society, formerly Brazos Animal Shelter provides: humane shelter, care, and placement for stray and unwanted animals; promotes the human animal bond and promotes responsible pet ownership to enhance the quality of life for the people and animals in our community.

Learn More at: aggielandhumane.org/

Abandoned Animal Rescue

How we help Abandoned Animal Rescue

Funded in 2014

With help from a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization, Abandoned Animal Rescue offers financial assistance to owners of senior dogs who can demonstrate financial need.  This financial assistance will be in the form of reduced or waived fees in AAR’s Wellness Clinic to cover needed medical or dental care, aiming to keep more pets with owners.

About Abandoned Animal Rescue

Abandoned Animal Rescue is a Cat & Dog Center that includes an adoption shelter, an affordable spay-neuter clinic, a wellness center, and community education outreach.  Founded in 2002 by three dedicated animal lovers: Angie Fenton, Barbara Schulz, and James Gordon, AAR is entirely managed and maintain by volunteers. 

Learn More at: aartomball.org/


Cache Humane Society

How we help Cache Humane Society

Funded in 2012

Grey Muzzle's grant will help Cache Humane Society with the Senior Dogs Dental Program - the goal of which is to have the at-risk senior dogs, who are otherwise in good condition, get a complete dental cleaning to make them more attractive to potential adopters.

About Cache Humane Society

The Cache Humane Society aims to use its many programs and services to eliminate pain, fear, suffering, and homelessness for companion animals.

Learn More at: www.cachehumane.org


Virginia Beach SPCA

How we help Virginia Beach SPCA

Funded from 2009 - 2015

The Virginia Beach SPCA (VBSPCA) has received grants from Grey Muzzle for medical care for adoptable dogs and their HOPE program. The HOPE program was launched in October 2008 to help pet owners with pet food and veterinary expenses so that owners could keep their pets instead of relinquishing them to a shelter. Grey Muzzle helps with expenses for senior dog owners, which includes over 75% of the applicants to the program

About Virginia Beach SPCA

VBSPCA, created in 1966, is a private nonprofit humane society that takes in almost 4,000 homeless domestic animals and nearly 2,200 wildlife animals each year, and is dedicated to finding homes for all adoptable animals. Through their medical clinic and mobile Neuter Scooter, they also provide spay/neuter and other veterinary services to the public. Their mission is to create a more humane and responsible community by increasing our capacity for compassion while decreasing our tolerance for cruelty.

Learn More at: www.vbspca.com

Virginia German Shepherd Rescue Inc.

How we help Virginia German Shepherd Rescue Inc.

Funded in 2015

A grant from Grey Muzzle helps with their Senior Adoption Program - a concerted effort by the VGSR volunteers to make the adopting public aware of the benefits of owning a senior dog – and their Wards of Rescue expenses. Wards of the Rescue are those senior dogs who will never be adopted, as they are too ill or have too many behavioral issues to transition to adoptive homes. These dogs live out their lives in loving foster homes.

About Virginia German Shepherd Rescue Inc.

Virginia German Shepherd Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of the German Shepherd Dog. They provide a safe haven for German Shepherds (and, sometimes, other breeds/mixes) who are left in shelters to await uncertain fate; are owner surrenders (moving, illness, divorce, death, etc.); or are victims of abuse or neglect.  They adopt dogs to loving, responsible and secure homes, typically, in Virginia and the Metropolitan Washington, D.C., area. 

Learn More at: www.shepherdrescue.org/


OldDog Haven

How we help OldDog Haven

Funded from 2008 - 2014

Grey Muzzle provides funding for a very special program at OldDog Haven. This program helps dogs in shelters who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, by giving them a loving foster home for their final days, weeks, or months

About OldDog Haven

OldDog Haven is a large network of foster homes in western Washington whose mission is to provide a loving, safe home for abandoned senior dogs through adoption or permanent foster care.

Learn More at: www.olddoghaven.org/

Sergey Foundation

How we help Sergey Foundation

Funded 2010 - 2015

The Sergey Foundation has received grants to support senior dogs as part of their Companion Animal Wellness Program

About Sergey Foundation

The Sergey Foundation's "Companion Animal Wellness Program” goal is to respond to the needs of person(s) in Whatcom County on a limited income by subsidizing necessary medical funds for their companion animals' care when they are unable to do so.

Learn More at: www.sergeyfoundation.org/

Saving Pets One At A Time

How we help Saving Pets One At A Time

Funded from 2014 - 2015

The SPOT Old-Folks Sanctuary (SOS) Program is launching, in part, with the support of Grey Muzzle's grant funds. This select group of foster homes is dedicated to caring for unadoptable senior dogs with significant health issues or disabilities. Homes are screened carefully and SPOT will identify participating veterinarians and provide lifelong health care for each dog. SPOT will also provide food, treats, and maintenance supplies such as parasite treatments and supplements. This program will address the problem of homeless senior dogs by allowing SPOT to take in older animals that may have significant health issues. 

About Saving Pets One At A Time

In the hopes of increasing the animal "adoption options" in Skagit County and beyond, a group of animal lovers got together in the Fall of 1999 and started a non profit alternative animal rescue and placement organization called Saving Pets One at a Time (SPOT). By increasing the options that people have, SPOT hopes that more companion animals will find loving and permanent homes. In addition, SPOT hopes to help reduce the number of homeless pets within Skagit County and beyond by insisting that all animals placed in their care are spayed or neutered.

Learn More at: savingpetsoneatatime.org/


Greyhound Pets of America - Wisconsin

How we help Greyhound Pets of America - Wisconsin

Funded from 2009 - 2014

Grey Muzzle provides funding for the medical costs associated with bringing senior Greyhounds from track breeding situations to GPA foster homes, in preparation for adoption

About Greyhound Pets of America - Wisconsin

Greyhound Pets of America-Wisconsin has been devoted to retired racing greyhound adoption since 1994.  It is a racing neutral, all-volunteer group, with no paid staff, which covers the entire state of Wisconsin.

Learn More at: www.gpawisconsin.org/

Bob’s House for Dogs

How we help Bob’s House for Dogs

Funded in 2015

Funding from The Grey Muzzle Organization will help with their “The Chew on This” program. Senior dogs often arrive at shelters and rescues with severe dental issues.  As Bob’s House for Dogs receives these seniors to foster, the dental issues are evaluated and addressed which, in turn, makes the seniors more attractive to prospective adopters as possible costly medical procedures are eliminated. 

About Bob’s House for Dogs

Bob’s House for Dogs:  From kennel to couch, where love doesn’t have an age limit.
The main goal at Bob’s House for Dogs is to make senior dogs more adoptable.  They provide foster care to senior and special-needs dogs in a kennel-free, home-like environment.  The dogs in their care receive loving attention, high-quality food and meticulous health care.  They provide end-of-life care to dogs with terminal illness or advanced age, making them comfortable as they pass on.  They give back to the community through a number of programs, reaching out to the elderly and children. 

Learn More at: www.bobshousefordogs.org